Our Story

Murph Boutique is Samantha Busch’s lifelong dream fulfilled.  And so much more.

Samantha’s grandmother is the original Murph. 

A legend from the start, Murph was named Alvina at birth. Her father, who wanted a son, nicknamed her Murph. The nickname stuck and perhaps inspired the way Murph lived her life. She was independent and known for making bold choices. The first of which was in 1942 – at 16, she boarded a train to Chicago by herself, bound for beauty school.

That train trip exemplified Murph’s spirit – a strong move fueled with a feminine touch. That same philosophy inspired her strong fashion choices. She carefully curated her closet with clothes, jewelry, and shoes that not only stood-out, but also proved that a woman could be both powerful and feminine.   She lovingly taught her granddaughter, Samantha, that same style on dozens of shopping trips throughout Samantha’s childhood.

Murph was strong and independent; warm and kind; fun and graceful. And she is our style muse. 

Murph did not simply influence Samantha’s love of fashion.  She inspired confidence. She lived and breathed the notion that clothes do not make a woman – confidence makes a woman.  And when a woman looks her best and loves her clothing, shoes, and jewelry, she not only feels, but also exudes the confidence she needs to take on any challenge.

Murph is an online boutique that offers a collection of styles, sizes and price points for every woman, so that she may look and feel her very best and most confident self every, single day of her life.

To honor and celebrate Murph, we opened our boutique on January 26, 2017 – what would have been Murph’s 91stbirthday.